Dominion MKII

Our Heroes Meet... Officially

Session 2

The day dawns, and Boaz the innkeeper climbs the stairs to awake his guests. The dwarf has already arisen, while the half-elf is still asleep. He asks them what they plan to do, for which they have no definite answer. He requests they come down for breakfast, and meet some more travellers that have arrived.

Boaz returns to the bar, and strikes up a conversation with a dwarf dressed in a rich cloak, and some very fancy shoes. Abagail and Barry eavesdrop on their dialogue, and understand the dwarf requires some muscle for his next destination, a few days northwards. As Barry steps over and offers his services, the dwarf glances at Boaz, who shrugs. Boaz knows they were exhausted after the dogs attacked last night, but they seem fine now. He knows the dwarf, one of his regulars, will treat them well.

The dwarf asks the pair to organize themselves, as he wishes to leave in half an hour. Barry asks Boaz whether he knows of the Hammerbeard clan, which he does, as some members have passed through his walls before. Other than that, he cannot say. Barry looks disappointed, and follows Abagail outside.

The druid is across the road, patting down the earth. The earth seems fresher for the overnight rain, and the sun is bright. Reaching the wagon, the pair of adventurers look for their new patron, who comes out of the inn and tells them they are heading to Winterhaven, a few days journey north.

“The way won’t be easy, and I’m still not sure you’re up to the task, but we’ll see how this goes,” he says tersely. “I’ll pay you both 200 gold for the service.”

Barry is unsure, and requests a raise, which the dwarf considers. “Tell you what, we’ll see how you go. Whether I pay more can depend on your performance.”

As he says this, the druid comes over and asks whether he can join the wagon.

“Why?” replies the dwarf.

“He’ll be handy in a scrap,” Barry tries to reason. While the dwarf doesn’t seem to mind, he doesn’t promise any pay.

Finally, Abagail realises that they don’t know the dwarf’s name. He says that it is Tellemon. The group mounts the wagon and heads off on their journey.

The journey takes them through the wilderness south of Winterhaven. Jekyll calms the horses. Barry sleeps, while Abagail tries to look for food. They reach the Stone Valley, where again Jekyll is useful, noticing bandits of the ridge and assisting Tellemon in avoiding them. Tellemon slowly warms to the group, especially the druid, although he is still apprehensive of the wild man’s odd traits. As they approach Winterhaven, they meet another merchant travelling out of the city. The merchant let’s them know that there were some disturbances among the city’s slaves in the Market Square, which makes Tellemon increasingly suspicious.

Upon arrival into the city, the gate guard questions their movements. Abagail introduces Tellemon to the guard, who lets them know that the slaves were requesting better conditions, although most of them are indentured slaves, or criminals serving sentences of slavery. The whole town has been somewhat on edge, and now more patrols are present on the streets.

Tellemon drops the trio off at his regular abode in Winterhaven, Moe’s Tavern, in the care of its proprietor Jerry. Stating that their bills would be paid by him, and requesting that they come to hi in the market tomorrow for their payment, he drives off towards the market. Jekyll has a gamble with some of the locals, and wins a small amount of coin for his troubles. The three adventurers discuss their next steps, although they mistrust Tellemon keeping his word. With this on their minds, they rest.



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