Dominion MKII

Our Heroes Meet

Session 1

It is a dark and stormy night, and the crossroads are slick with mud. Howls break through the rain, filling the night with a sinister sense of expectation…

Wild dogs pick up the scents of two travellers, and rush to meet them with fang and claw. The dwarf continues forwards towards the crossroads, while the half-elf girl climbs a tree to escape this new terror. The dogs do not have much impact upon the heavily armored dwarf, while the half-elf sorceress lights up the surroundings by setting a dog alight with a streak of flame. As the weather begins to take its toll on the two weary travellers, a nearby tavern door opens, and a grizzled druid steps out. He senses the presence of danger, and promptly fails to fully comprehend the situation. His form ripples, and a bear lumbers towards the stricken dwarf.

The half-elf finally sends her enemy into the next life with an explosive bolt of energy from her staff, and realizes she is not alone on the road. She joins the dwarf and the druid as they attempt to subdue the other canines. By chance, or perhaps a misfire of his abilities, the druid sets alight another of the dogs, forcing it into a flurry of snapping jaws before its ultimate demise. As she shocks the final enemy with a stream of energy zapping the dog into oblivion, the begins to stagger towards the tavern, with the two others following.

The innkeeper, Boaz, appears congenial towards the three individuals, and invites them to stay the night. The dwarf deems that he can trust him, and begins to ask questions of his two new acquaintances. As the darkness wears on, they come to an agreement that, with nothing to live for at the moment, they may look out for each other. With a leer, the druid requests that he should appreciate some extra warmth in his quarters, winking at the half-elf as he does so. She quietly backs out of the supper hall, while the dwarf sternly looks at the druid and announces his retirement. The druid removes himself outside, in order to sleep more soundly in the open woods. The night passes.



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